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[edit] TZM Forum Post Re:RBOSE

I just really want to make it known that the RBOSE project was created to facilitate an open environment away from any drama and control imposed within a moderated community. I personally believe, that once moderation becomes law, freedom of expression is lost in fear resulting from the fear of exclusion.

The RBOSE project was not created on the fly or out of anger, but with deep hope that we may build the envinroment we wish to see, being in agreement with ZM tenets not only in theory, but also in practice.

Yes, at first there was some frustration that lead to confusion and some actions in the process, that could be seen as aggressive. But that was not what the RBOSE project was created to do. Many people feel that accepting people for who they are and finding ways to work together to solve common problems, is our only option. In the end we are all on the same side and we all want the same things. I'm also far from labeling a group of people because of any individual actions, I may disagree, yet I respect their choices and perspectives as a fulfillment of my own views.

The RBOSE team does believe that opensource is needed for RBE to be successful. Not just opensource in software but opensourcing everything. We don't imagine that something may be created for people and hidden at the same time in free society.

Our history has many great examples of the power of opensource, although as capitalism has started to take them over, the openness has been hindered.

These things all started with full openness and transparency:

Medicine - The medical community shares all of it tests results Archives & Libraries - The Open sharing of printed knowledge and history Education (Maybe not our current system) - having access to teachings and materials to further ones knowledge Science - Explains itself

How would any of these things become what they are today if they weren't open and free?

In the end most RBOSE team members hope to keep good lines of communication open to TZM and they still consider themselves to be members of TZM but just utilize some different mediums for communication. At the same time we don't think that any project holding off in proprietary way its achievements, or be privatelly owned, can be developed optimally. This is why we decided to start open development and invite different communities, which share with us core values, to work together not only for a better tomorrow, but also for a better today.

We want to be active and a part of building our common future.

Peace and Love and Understanding,


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