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As the task is to enhance life for everybody, in every way possible, we need open source solutions for almost everything. This is not merely a huge amount of work to do,

If we think of a soon-to-come collapse of the global economy (which might end civilization as we know it, along with the internet as the source of the information we provide) it also takes efforts to systematically approach the near-future goal of enabling as many people as possible to simply survive and pass on their knowledge to others.

Right now, thousands of people die each day because they cannot afford water and food. Are we going to do sth. about it? Can we trigger a save-yourself movement throughout the world by teaching people how to survive on nothing?

A tree scheme of what humans need, showing the significance of each item, will help in many ways:

  • emphasizing on what has to be done first
  • drawing attention on what has yet to be done
  • giving users easy access to solutions they are looking for.

Note: On many, especially the higher levels of needs fulfilment, there's always an active and a passive mode: To get provided with sth. and to achieve it oneself, e.g.

  • enjoying a sculpture, and creating a piece of art oneself.
  • retrieving information, and passing it on
  • receiving and giving respect

As we are social beings and as RBOSE wants the information to be spread as wide as possible, the need for communication is involved in almost every activity. Same goes for energy sources.

We can design the tree as an adaptation of Maslow's Pyramid of Needs.

  • Everybody feel free to help improve it.
  • Admins: Allow for automatically displaying the headers with the classification digits (e.g. "5.2.1 Arts" instead of just "Arts").
  • Eventually implement it into the wiki / site structure.

It may look like this:


Those are needs directly linked to the survival of the individual, i.e. metabolic requirements.

[edit] Air

[edit] Cleaning Air

[edit] Producing Oxygen

[edit] Emergency Cases

[edit] Water

[edit] Surface Water

[edit] Desalination

  • In a Tent
    • Glass Tents
    • Plastic Tents
  • Osmosis

[edit] Harvesting

  • Rainwater
    • Open Basins
      • Construction
      • Maintenance
    • Cisterns
      • Construction
      • Maintenance
  • Morning Dew
  • Air Moisture
  • Springs
    • How to find one

[edit] Cleaning

  • Cleaning from Radiation
  • Cleaning from Chemicals
    • Mineral Filters
    • Chemicals
  • Cleaning from Suspended Sediments
    • Filtering
    • Waiting
  • Cleaning from Organisms
    • Cooking
    • UV Radiation

[edit] Ground Water

[edit] Drilling a well

[edit] Pumping

  • Solar Pumps
  • Wind Pumps
  • Mechanical Methods

[edit] Maintaining the water table

[edit] Food

[edit] Meat

[edit] Hunting

[edit] Breeding

[edit] Vegetables

[edit] Gathering

  • Edible plants

[edit] Agriculture

  • Seeds
  • Propagate
  • Classical Agriculture
    • Soil enrichment
      • Anaerobic composting
      • Composting with Earthworms
      • Biodynamic compost
      • Effective micro-organisms
  • Hydroculture
  • Permaculture
  • Fukuoka-Method (do-nothing)

[edit] Excretion

[edit] How to use "the big one"

[edit] Dry composting

[edit] Flushers

[edit] Sleep & Recreation

[edit] Finding Sleep

[edit] Using Plants

  • Valerian

[edit] Stress Relief

  • Thought control
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation
  • Sports


Those are needs that feel very urgent, yet are irrelevant as long as the basic needs haven't been satisfied. They are linked both to the survival of the indiviudal and the species.

[edit] Energy Sources

[edit] Health

[edit] Homeostasis

[edit] Clothing

[edit] Housing

[edit] Reproduction

[edit] Security of the Body


The needs of man as a social creature.

[edit] Communication in general

[edit] Community

[edit] Township projects

[edit] Family

[edit] Friends

[edit] Sexuality

[edit] Birth control

[edit] ESTEEM

The needs of the psyche.

[edit] Achievement

[edit] Psychological Health

[edit] Confidence

[edit] Self-esteem

[edit] Vitality

[edit] Respect


The needs of the intelligent, thinking creature

[edit] Acceptance

[edit] Creativity

[edit] Arts

[edit] Music

  • Building instruments
  • Learning to play instruments
  • Recording and processing sounds
  • Sharing music
  • Music rescources

[edit] Humour

[edit] Information

[edit] Access

[edit] Books

[edit] Classes

[edit] Internet

[edit] Processing

[edit] Open source projects

[edit] Morality

[edit] Privacy

[edit] Avoiding traces

[edit] Deleting traces

[edit] Legal rights

[edit] Problem Solving

[edit] Spirituality

[edit] Freeing the mind from fear

[edit] Discovering Unity

[edit] Meditation

[edit] Spontaneity

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