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<data table="People" template="User"> username = Fat64 location = Sweden language = Swedish (fluent), English (fluent), German (poorly) skills = IT maintenance and development </data> My name is Jörgen Engström, and I joined RBOSE in march 2010 for many reasons. Been working on some articles, and pretty much just attending and being near for whatever help I can give in building on the platforms behind RBOSE. Also, swedish , so you'll probably see me in the channel at 6670 ircserver.


[edit] Articles for me

[edit] Articles I created

[edit] Photos I've taken

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And also the MacGyver conservatory pictures.

[edit] Long-term Projects

Try to work with local RBOSE groups in Göteborg/Mölndal.

Try to grow things that will last a long time:

"Svartrot, haverrot, kålrot, kål, rotselleri, potatis, rotpersilja, palsternacka, morötter, lök"

How is this going?

  • 2011-06: Moved in with peeps from RBOSE here in Gothenburg. Plans are to work with an implementation of the Karma project. As far as growing food, I have tried potatoes mostly.

[edit] OSFDB

Open Source Farming Database

I was thinking
some data is hard to get by
like "how long can I store a potato in a root cellar"
and "how does Lactuva sativa look like when infested with insect

if we had a platform for this knowledge that'd be great
not sure if just a wiki is enough, maybe a plugin where you could
search for specifics

I shall consider this for a while

Raw data follows.

Root cells data:
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