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[edit] RBOSE Wiki - structure and publishing methodology

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I'm happy to see that the Wiki is growing rapidly with new, informative content. A lot of people are doing a lot of work to create a source for knowledge and experience to be shared with others. A lot of the posts are outside my area of expertise which is really fun, always interesting to learn new things. It seems though that is quite hard to verify the information written due to lack of references, and it is also hard to see a clear thought patterns on how certain people have to come some conclusions.

With this in mind I for one feel it is a good time to check the inventory, to go through all pages to check for errors and faults as well as to make sure the information available is correct and up to date. Personally I have already started doing this but since the amount of text is quite large it would be much appreciated with a few more participants.

What I'd like to do is to use this discussion page as "base of operations" while this is done. (Though in truth this should be an ongoing process throughout the life of this wiki).

I like your ideas here GhettoFish, however I think this is the wrong place. This page (Talk:Main_Page) should be used to talk about stuff on the main page, only. The discussions and instructions you start here seem to better fit maybe on the Wiki project page under "Wiki development". What do you think? --Kebap 12:39, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

So, how could we do this? Within MediaWiki there are several tools available to all visitors, these are all listed under Special Pages and can be accessed from any page at the very bottom in the gray footer.

[edit] Questions

  • Which methodology should be used when checking the inventory?
  • What step should be done first?
    • Faulty content be removed or should missing content be added?
  • Should inventory check be done by members our of area of interest or just where it is needed the most?
  • How do we make sure that the edited/added/deleted content is better now then before?

[edit] Afterwards?

If we start off with these pages we should have a firm grasp on what is needed, what we have and how we can make it better. When pages are up to date and checked you should add link to the page bellow.

[edit] Flagged for Removal

Found a page that doesn't fit in with the RBOSE way? Add it here and it will be checked out.

  • Example: [http://oldurl oldulr] <reason for removal>
  • Lol - no content, nothing links here, seems like page can be removed easily.

[edit] Flagged for Moving

Found a page that is located at the wrong address?

  • [http://oldurl oldurl] move to [http://newulr newulr]

[edit] Structure of info fields on main page

I changed the structure a bit, to resemble the following, that is repeated here to be easier reviewed and modified. (Actually, html tables seem to be pretty bad out of date, but I don't know how to do this better just yet.)

{| 100%
 | 75%, top | (main area, not dev-field)
  {| 100%
   | 33%, top | (Knowledge)
   | 33%, top | (Projects)
   | 33%, top | (Events, Current Works)
   | colspan=3, top| (Getting Started)
 | 25%, top | (Development field)

Which should look a little something like this: (actually it does, because I just copied the table codes from the main page to here)

Intro-text here. Intro-text here. Intro-text here. Intro-text here. Intro-text here.

Current works
Getting started
Development field

Cloud of Topics

Some wiki statistics

Seems to work. Now I wait for someone to tell me how to do this all nicely and without tables... :) --Kebap 15:03, 21 October 2010 (CEST)

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