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Scalable Community Space (SCS) project is dedicated to design scalable, flexible, practical, modular and replicable open source housing and construction systems, including architectural, economical, cultural, ecological, technological and other angles, to provide advanced, functional and evolving options for inhabitants.

[edit] Why?

The current approach toward construction of buildings is against progress. Political regulations, outdated norms, patents and high cost of the bureaucratic machine, force us to use antiquated technologies which are not efficient, consuming large amount of resources, limiting, detached from residents' needs and from the best available options, with high overall costs. All of that is maintained by people who have not enough understanding in physical processes and do things in certain ways only "because this is the way people do these things".

We believe that we can do better than that.

Would you like to experience living constructions emerging together with the community building them? Would you like to see a world of connected places full of people who care, are open and use the scientific method to improve their housing? Would you like to be free from market speculations, and base the way you live on understanding how the nature works, be free to seek how you can improve your space all the time, free to implement and share these solutions? With this project we would like to provide such options.

[edit] How?

To achieve our goals we want to work with people who understand the scientific approach, have advanced understandings in the fields of their interests, and don't think about monetary gains because they understand that the physical laws of universe, our ability to learn, copy and share have much more to offer than any market. We know that the quality of solutions is proportional to the time spend on solving the problem and we have the courage to ask questions about things which might seem impossible on first sight. In our endeavors we try to involve as many creative people as possible and let them take the ideas, split, evolve and finally merge back together. You will also find education among our primary objectives.

[edit] What?

  • plans for reduction about 75% of costs of living
  • designs of buildings and constructions
  • push up living standards in relatively short time frame
  • global relationship of support and exchange between involved comunities
  • teams of people ready to build it

[edit] Who?

What kind of people do we need?

  • People who want to help others.
  • People who have no or little interest in money.
  • People who are willing to provide time, energy, other resources.
  • People who want to share their skills and knowledge.
  • People who enjoy working with others.
  • People who are using critical thinking.
  • Professionals (not in terms of today degree current social definition, but in terms of "can you do that?") and people willing to work with complex stuff.
  • People who want to learn and teach.
  • People who are respectful and caring & can put their minds into other perspectives of view.
  • People who are creative.
  • People with experience in open development.
  • People who are seeking challenges.
  • People with passions.
  • People creating their works under open licenses, like Creative Commons, LGPL, etc.

Required professionals:

  • architects
  • building engineers
  • mechanical engineers
  • electro engineers
  • hydro engineers
  • food production specialists
  • robotics and automation specialists
  • computer specialists
  • medical stuff
  • scientists
  • artists

[edit] When?

It might be to early to write about a time frame without a peer review of the current work, but at this moment it seems that the first functional community living space could be provided in 2 years from the moment when the project will quit its initial phase.

The people are the key.

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