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Issue: {{#pms: 90}}

  • Please put your ideas in the section for ideas. The ideas for web development you may post as well here
  • we keep meetings to work on this document and if you would like to get more involved, please join us


[edit] Ideas

  • Create a standard proposal of free file formats and make a list of available applications to produce graphics, charts, texts, calculations (mathematical formulas and spreadsheets), diagrams, 3D models, recordings, etc.
  • Make a dependency and relation chart of developed technologies, marking milestones and key objectives ( http://www.taskjuggler.org/ )
  • Check out existing projects which fulfill specific goals and setup collaboration channels with development groups to work on those technologies (example: RepRap machine) - there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Make sure that developed technologies will stay available to global population - protect it from patents, proprietary copyrights and other hidden forms of discrimination and development restrictions. Only if needed develop new fitting license. It must be not group specific.
  • Gather team of dedicated people ready to be involved in development, help each other, peer review and consult work, keep contact and for example meet at development meetings.
  • Starting the first dev cycle by announcing the creation of the first independent review unit in RBOSE. This unit can open slots for x numbers of projects that will be followed during the cycle and, in the end, reviewed. Review blueprints need to be developed.
    • Factors that need to be defined:
      • How will the project share its data?
      • How will the review unit receive the cycle product?
      • Under what agreements will meetings be held and with what tools for documentation?
      • How does the project aim to measure the quality of production?
  • Use FH shortcut to distinguish the Free Hardware technologies from proprietary ones.
  • Contact Eben Moglen from Software Freedom Law Center, introduce the project and ask if they could help us create definition of the Free Hardware (doesn't exist yet http://freedomdefined.org/ ) and provide legal assistance within their (famous) pro bono activity. We would need a license for hardware written according to the definition which would be created.
  • Provide technical details about current solutions like IRC network, etc. so people may keep improving these.
  • Build an online data center about free and open source products, allowing to browse them by subject (price, location, etc.) and compare between each other, without emotional bias and marketing crap. Becasue we can have all data about open source products, it should be technically possible to compare them even on basis of single part or time of assembling as a whole if user requires such a criteria (examples of search subject: open source main-boards or driver circuit boards which could be used with CNC machine)
  • Make a list of all milestones related to the website we need to finish.
    • Right now it's quite difficult to find other people working in the same field. We could facilitate that process by providing a user search functionality per field of endevour.
    • If every project has it's own RBOSE web-page, it could have embedded the project IRC-channel on the page. (perhaps VOIP as well soon)
    • There have been a question asked several times about the possibility to privately contact a person through private messaging system.
    • Single Sign On

[edit] Development Cycle Draft

<graphviz renderer="neato"> digraph development_cycle { size="6,6"; node[shape="oval", style=filled, fontsize="10.0"]

"demand" [fillcolor=lightblue2]; "design"[fillcolor="#BDE870"]; "review" [fillcolor=lightblue2]; "prototyping" [fillcolor="#BDE870"]; "testing" [fillcolor=lightblue2]; "production" [fillcolor="#BDE870"]; "distribution" [fillcolor=lightblue2]

"demand" -> "design" -> "review" -> "prototyping" -> "testing" -> "production" -> "distribution" "distribution" -> "demand" [style=dotted] } </graphviz>

  • problem identification, demand
  • design - product's 1st stage
  • review - feedback and evaluation 1
  • prototyping - product's 2nd stage
  • testing - feedback and evaluation 2
  • production - product's 3rd stage
  • distribution - feedback and evaluation 3

[edit] Production branches

  • electronics
  • synthetic materials
  • wood
  • metals
  • glass
  • stone
  • ...

[edit] Key production principles

  • modularity
  • flexibility (of using alternative materials, designs etc.)
  • efficiency
  • strength
  • designed to be easily recycled and reused
  • global usability (scalability)
  • based on abundant resources (local access to construction resources)
  • environment friendly
  • resource cost minimization
  • replicability

[edit] Important Online Resources

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