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[edit] Recommendia

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[edit] Books

The following books here listed are books that are people have physically with them and like to briefly explain the books' details to you.

[edit] (Book One) Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things By Cy Tymomy

This information will be taken from an actual book. Sad thing, I'll be lacking images, but I think what I reference will help you out.

[edit] Intro

How to turn a calculator into a metal detector, carry a survival kit in a shoestring, make a gas mask with a ballon, turn dishwashing liquid into a copy machine, convert a Styrofoam cup into a speaker and make a spy gadget jacket with everyday things. This book is perfect for science lovers, would-be inventors, or just those with inquisitive minds, Sneakiers Uses For Everyday Things by author Cy Tymony is packed with quirky, fun and educational projects that are easy to assemble, use common household items and are sure to excite your inner MacGyver. This entertaining collection of over forty sneaky solutions and applications will prepare you for almost any situation! Sneakier Uses For Everyday Things features such projects as a spy gadget jacket, which has up to twenty individual sneaky uses ranging from a hidden camera and alarm whistles to a disguised voice recorder and spring-loaded security devices. As a child, Cy Tymony read comic and science books and created clever gadgets to amaze and protect his friends. In grade school, he defended himself from bullies with the help of a spring-loaded shocker hidden up his sleeves. He is the author of four books, including Sneaky Uses For Everyday Things. Cy is a technical writer and computer network specialist in the Los Angeles Area.

[edit] Disclaimer

This book is for the entertainment and edification of its readers. While reasonable care has been exercised with respect to its accuracy, the publisher and the author assume no responsibility for errors or omissions in it content. Nor do we assume liability for any damages resulting from use of the information presented here. This book contains references to electrical safety that must be observed. Do not use AC power for any projects listed. Do not place or store magnets near such magnetically sensitive media as videotapes, audiotapes or computer disks. Disparities in materials and design methods and the application of components may cause your results to vary from those shown here. The publisher and the author disclaim any liability for injury that may result from the use, proper or improper, of the information contained in this book. We do not guarantee that the information contained in this book. We do not guarantee that the information contained herein is complete, safe or accurate, not should it be considered a substitute for your good judgment and common sense. Nothing in this book should be construed or interpreted to infringe on the rights of other people or to violate criminal statutes. We urge you to obey all laws and respect all right, including property right of others.

[edit] Contents

  • Acknowledgements... xi
  • Introduction... xiii

(Part 1) Sneaky Science Tricks:

  • How To Be Resourceful... 3
  • Sneaky Wire Sources: How To Connect Things... 7
  • Sneaky Work Glove... 11
  • Electroscope... 13
  • Sneaky Hand-Powered Motor... 16
  • Sneaky Hovercraft Toy... 18
  • Sneaky Metal Detector... 20
  • Sneaky Light Sensor... 23
  • Sneaky Light Sensor II... 26
  • Sneaky Flashlight Or Laser Beam Communicator... 28
  • Sneaky Speaker... 33
  • Sneaky Speaker II... 35
  • Sneaky Earphone... 37
  • Sneaky Microphone... 39
  • Sneaky Current Tester... 41
  • Antigravity Rollback Toy... 43
  • Sneaky Copier... 46
  • Sneaky Tracer... 48

(Part 2) Sneaky Gadgets:

  • Sneaky Radio-Control Car Projects... 53
  • Sneaky Radio Transmitter And Receiver... 58
  • Sneaky Walkie-Talkie Uses... 61
  • Sneaky Buzzer... 66
  • Sneaky ID Card... 70

(Part 3) Sneaky Survival Techniques:

  • Living On A Shoestring...77
  • Ink Or Swim... 80
  • Sneaky Breathing Device... 82
  • How To Make Invisible Ink... 85
  • More Hide And Sneak... 86
  • Sneaky Repellent Sprayer... 88
  • Sneaky Security Pen... 90
  • Sneaky Wristwatch... 93
  • Defense Or Signal Ring... 98
  • Safety Measure... 101
  • Animal Traps... 104
  • Sneaky Fishing... 107
  • Sneaky Whistles... 111

(Part 4) Gadget Jacket:

  • Sneaky Interior Pockets... 115
  • Sneaky Sleeve Pockets... 120
  • Sneaky Buttons... 124
  • Sneaky Listener... 126
  • Sneaky Collar... 128
  • Portable Heater... 130
  • Resources... 135

[edit] (Book Two) How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job By Dale Carnegie

This information will be taken from an actual book. Sad thing, I'll be lacking images, but I think what I reference will help you out.

[edit] Intro

Even if you love your work, you probably have days when almost nothing goes right. Best-selling author Carnegie shows you how to make every day more exciting and rewarding -- how you can get more done and have more fun doing it. Dale Carnegie's time-tested advice will help you to:

  • Make other people feel important -- and do it sincerely.
  • Avoid unnecessary tension -- save your energies for important duties.
  • Get people to say yes -- immediately
  • Turn routine tasks into stimulating opportunities
  • Spot a sure-fire way of making enemies -- and avoid it.
  • Smile in the face of criticism -- you've done your very best.

How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job will help you create a new approach to life and people, then discover talents you never knew you had. Dale Carnegie can help you get the most of yourself -- all the time. Start developing your innate strengths and abilities -- start enriching your life TODAY!

[edit] Disclaimer

You probably spend forty percent of your waking time working. Are you enjoying it as much as you could? How To Enjoy Your Life And Your Job is filled with the inspiring stories of people -- from homemakers to billionaires -- who have conquered boredom, frustration and fatugue and have gone on to successful, fulfilling lives. Dave Carnegie's proven techniques have helped millions to develop an overall sense of harmony and purpose and to learn the secrets of top performance:

  • Discover the four essential work habits you need to succeed.
  • Find out what makes you tired -- and what you can do about it.
  • If you want to gather honey -- don't kick over the beehive.
  • Give honest, sincere appreciation -- don't criticize, condemn or complain.
  • Become genuinely interested in other people.
  • Call attention to mistakes indirectly -- lets the other person save face.

Dale Carnegie's inspirational and practical teachings are as sound today as when they were first written. Now you can join Dale Carnegie's adventure in self-discovery with... HOW TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND YOUR JOB.

[edit] Content

  • Foreword... 9


(Part One) Seven Ways To Peace And Happiness:

  • 1. Find Yourself And Be Yourself: Remember, There Is No One Else On Earth Like You... 13
  • 2. Four Good Working Habits That Will Help Prevent Fatigue And Worry... 23
  • 3. What Makes You Tired -- And What You Can Do About It... 30
  • 4. How To Banish The Boredom That Produces Fatigue, Worry, And Resentment... 36
  • 5. Would You Take A Million Dollars For What You Have?
  • 6. Remember That No One Ever Kicks A Dead Dog
  • 7. Do This -- And Criticism Can't Hurt You


(Part Two) Fundamental Techniques In Handling People:

  • 8. "If You Want To Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over The BeeHive"... 65
  • 9. The Big Secret Of Dealing With People... 82
  • 10. "He Who Can Do This Has The Whole World With Him. He Who Cannot Walks A Lonely Way"... 97
  • 11. Do This And You'll Be Welcome Anywhere... 117
  • 12. How To Make People Like You Instantly... 131

(Part Three) Ways To Win People To Your Way Of Thinking:

  • 13. A Sure Way Of Making Enemies -- And How To Avoid It... 147
  • 14. The High Road To Reason... 160
  • 15. The Secret Of Socrates... 170
  • 16. How To Get Cooperation... 177
  • 17. An Appeal That Everybody Likes... 183

(Part Four) Ways To Change People Without Giving Offense Or Arousing Resentment:

  • 18. How To Criticize -- And Not Be Heated For It... 191
  • 19. Talk About Your Own Mistakes First... 196
  • 20. No One Likes To Take Orders... 205
  • 21. Let The Other Person Save Face In A Nutshell... 209
  • Index... 211

[edit] Recommended Material

Magazines, Books, Videos & Websites.

[edit] Magazines

  • Ready Made
  • Backpacker
  • Outside
  • Outside Life
  • Mother Earth News
  • E Magazine
  • Self-Defense
  • Popular Science
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Poptronics
  • Nuts And Volts
  • Make

[edit] Books

Legends: Authors ---> Titles Of Books ---> Publication

  • Dave Borgenicht & Joe Borgenicht, The Action Hero's Handbook (Quirk Books)
  • Robert Young Decton, Come Back Alive (Doubleday)
  • Department Of The Air Force, US Air Force Search & Rescue Handbook (Lyons Press)
  • Department Of The Army, US Army Survival Hanbook (Lyons Press)
  • Simon Field, Gonzo Gizmos (Chicago Review Press)
  • Ira Flatow, They All Laughed . . . From Light Bulbs To Lasers: The Fascinating Stories Behind The Great Inventions That Have Changed Our Lives (Harper Perennial)
  • Joey Green, Clean It! Fix It! Eat It!: Easy Ways To Solve Everyday Problems With Brand-Name Products You've Already Got Around The House (Prentice Hall)
  • ______ , Clean Your Clothes With Cheez Wiz: And Hundreds Of Offbeat Uses For Dozens More Brand-Name Products (Prentice Hall)
  • ______ , Joey Green's Encyclopedia of Offbeat Uses For Brand-Name Products (Prentice Hall)
  • ______ , The Mad Scientist Handbook II (Perigee Trade)
  • Lois H. Gresg & Robert Weinberg, The Science of Superheroes (John Wiley & Sons)
  • William Gurstelle, Backyard Ballistics (Chicago Review Press)
  • Garth Hattingh, The Outdoor Survival Handbook (New Holland Publishers)
  • Dave Hrynkiw And Mark W. Tilden, JunkBots, Bugbots And Bots On Wheels: Building Simple Robots With BEAM Technology (McGraw-Hill Osborne Medal)
  • Vicky Lansky, Another Use For 101 Common Household Items (Book Peddlers)
  • ______ , Baking Soda: Over 500 Fabolous, Fun, And Frugal Uses (Book Peddlers)
  • ______ , Don't Throw That Out: A Pennywise Parent's Guide (Book Peddlers)
  • ______ , Transparent Tapes: Over 350 Super, Simple, And Surprising Uses (Book Peddlers)
  • Joel Levy, Really Useful: The Origins Of Everyday Things (Firefly Books)
  • Hugh McManners, The Complete Wilderness Training Book (Dorling, Kindersley)
  • Forrest M. Mims III, Circuits And Projects (Radio Shack)
  • ______ , Science And Communications Circuits And Projects (Radio Shack)
  • Steven W. Moje, Paper Clip Science (Sterling Publishing Co.)
  • Bob Newman, Wilderness Wayfinding: How To Survive In The Wilderness As You Travel (Paladin Press)
  • Tim Nyberg And Jim Berg: The Duct Tape Book (Workman Publishing Co., 1994)
  • ______ , The Jimbo Duct Tape Book (Workman Publishing Co., 2000)
  • Larry Dean Olsen, Outdoor Survival Skills (Chicago Review Press)
  • Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht, The Worst Case Scenario Survival (Chronic Books)
  • ______ , The Worst Case Scenario Travel (Chronicle Books)
  • Royston M. Roberts, Serendipty (John Wiley & Sons)
  • Jim Wilkinson And Neil A. Downie, Vacuum Bazookas, Electric Rainbow, And 27 Other Saturday Science Projects (Princeton University Press)
  • John Wiseman, The SAS Survival Handbook (Harvill Books)

[edit] Videos

[edit] Websites

(Science And Technology)

(Home Security)

(Survival Of The Fittest)

(Go Go Gadget)

(Frugal And Thrift)


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