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This list contains all kind of Free/Open/Copyleft hardware, as "sublist" of Free and open source projects.

[edit] General

See also: Free Hardware

[edit] Biotechnology

  • OpenPCR - Read your own DNA or find if your food is genetically modified (GMO) with the polymerase chain reaction machine.

[edit] Building Kit

  • BUG - is a fully integrated device development platform
  • MakerBeam - is developing the Mini-T standard for open source hardware
  • SAKC - MIPS-based development board for hardware and software hackers

[edit] Camera

  • Photoduino - The opensource camera controller
  • Holga D - Retro digital opensource camera

[edit] Computer

  • Arduino and Freeduino - are an free and open-source electronics prototyping platforms based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software
  • FreedomBox - is a community project to develop, design and promote personal servers running Free Software...
  • NanoNote - is an ultra small form factor computing device with copyleft hardware
  • Protoduino - trimmable, solderable, standalone prototype board for Arduino / ATMEGA8/168
  • Raspberry Pi - an ARM GNU/Linux box for $25

[edit] Ethernet

  • Embedded Ethernet - is an Open Source Hardware and Software Project for building tiny Embedded Ethernet Devices.

[edit] Graphic Card

  • OGP - is developing graphics cards with Free-licensed specifications and Free Software drivers.

[edit] Internet

[edit] 3D Printer

  • Contraptor - Open source DIY rapid hardware prototyping.
  • Fab@Home - Make anything.
  • MakerBot - CupCake CNC Basic Kit.
  • RepRap - RepRap is short for Replicating Rapid-prototyper.

[edit] 3D Scanner

  • 3DLS - capture surfaces in the form of three-dimensional scatter plots.
  • Splinescan - Open Source 3D Scanning

[edit] Laser Cutter

  • [1] - Laser Open Source (LAOS)
  • [2] - Lasersaur

[edit] Energy

See also: Energy

[edit] Gas

  • GEK - "The Gasifier Experimenters Kit makes it easy for beginners and experts alike to run high performance solutions in small scale gasification and pyrolysis."

[edit] Solar

  • CSPOSI - The Conc en trated Solar Power Open Source Initiative.
  • SHPEGS - Solar Heated Pump Electrical Generation System.

[edit] Charge controllers

  • [3] Simple charge controller based on 555 chip for wind and solar
  • Free Charge Controller - The goal of this project is to design a charge controller with maximum power point tracking.

[edit] Wind

[edit] Water

[edit] Human (slave? :P) Power

[edit] Garden

  • GardenBot - is an open source garden monitoring system. This site is a collection of tutorials for how to build things (like a soil moisture sensor), software for running GardenBot, resources, links, and more.
  • haberlandt local food production system - a bioreactor-kitchen. nutraceutic algae vending machine. Automated spirulina production.

[edit] Home

  • Freebus - is an Open source home automation system.
  • Owash Project - is a project on an Open Source washing machine.

[edit] Housing

  • MIT´s OSBA - Open Source Building Alliance (OSBA).
  • OAN - Open Architecture Network (OAN).
  • OS House - is a non-profit organization that aims to provide better, more sustainable housing in low-income countries.
  • OSH core - DIY prefab, modular, green architecture.

See also: Housing

[edit] Photo/Video

  • Elphel, Inc. - Imaging solutions with Free software and open hardware.

[edit] Medical

  • Jfish - Open source anaesthetic monitoring project.
  • OSDD - Open Source Drug Discovery Foundation.
  • OpenECG - Open Source electrocardiography hardware.
  • OpenEEG - Open Source EEG hardware.
  • OpenProsthetics - The Open Prosthetics project.

[edit] Music

Did you search for Music or Free culture list?

[edit] DJ Mixer

[edit] Guitar

[edit] MIDI Controller

  • MIDIfighter - DJTechTools Midifighter device. Melds music and buttons mashing.
  • X0xb0x - is a full reproduction of the original Roland TB303, with fully functional sequencer.

[edit] MP3 Player

[edit] Sampler

  • AKAIOS - shows only if AKAI were Open Source.
  • WTPA - is a very full featured 8-bit sampler kit.

[edit] Synth

  • 1 bit groove box - Music Synthesizer using one-bit algorithms based on The One-Bit Groove Box.
  • AVR-Synth - is a monophonic "virtual analog" synth based, originally, on the Atmel AT90S8535 microcontroller.

[edit] Video Synth

  • Milkymist One a copyleft hardware video synthesizer. It runs GNU+Linux and renders visuals effects in real time, with a high level of interaction with many sensors and using live audio and video streams as a base.

[edit] Robotics

  • E-Puck - is a small (7 cm) differential wheeled mobile robot.
  • EasyDriver - Stepper Motor Driver.
  • ERP - Experimental Robot Platform.
  • Humanoid Project - The objective of this project is to produce a full-size, bipedal humanoid robot.
  • iCub - RobotCub is a 5 years long project funded by the European Commission through Unit E5 "Cognitive Systems, Interaction & Robotics".
  • Leaf Project - A robotics project using artificial intelligence and vision.
  • OAP - Open Automation Project.
  • OpenRave - Real-world autonomous robot.
  • OpenServo - Digital servo for robotics.
  • Robot Arm - Open Source robot arm.
  • Roboware E3 - Robots for humans.
  • WillowGarage - A Robot Personal Assistant (under BSD License).

See also: Robotics Software

[edit] Vehicles

See also: Transportation

[edit] Aircraft

[edit] Cars

  • c,mm,n - (pronounced ‘common’) is an open source community for sustainable personal mobility.
  • DIY Electric Car - The Place for Electric Vehicle Conversions, Builds, Performance and Repairs.
  • EDAG Light Car - Open Source.
  • EV Convert - Links, news, and tips about electric cars and other forms of alternative transportation.
  • OScar - The goal of the Open Source Car (OScar) project is to develop a car according to Open Source principles.
  • OSGV - Open Source Green Vehicle Project (OSGV).
  • RiverSimple - Open Source Hydrogen Car
  • Tumanako Project - Hardware and software to drive and recharge electric vehicles

[edit] Farming Vehicles

[edit] Motorcycle

[edit] Electric vehicle components

  • Open ReVolt - Electric vehicle electronics development - motor controllers, charge controllers etc.

[edit] Interwiki Links

Wikipedia - List of open source hardware projects

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