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OSF Project

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The idea is to develop a measurement device to better define the wavelenghts and intensitys on these light systems. More information under projecct LSIA


[edit] Information

[edit] Theory

Chloroabs.gif Overlay2.png Absorption-spectrum.jpg Image008.gif Abspectra.gif

  • LED names and wavelengths: [1]
  • Good wavelengths of light (generally speaking): 430nm-460nm (blue), 630nm-660nm (red)
  • Be aware that graphs of chlorophylls absorptions spectrum vary a bit [2]
  • Recommendation: 14W leds / 1 feet [3]
  • Comparison HID and LED: [4]

[edit] Important units

  • Luminous flux [lumens = lm]
  • Luminous intensity [candela = cd]
  • View angle [degrees] (at which the intensity is half)
  • 1 lm ≃ (1cd * degree^2)/4300

[edit] Lightsystem database

[edit] Other systems

[edit] Bad working panels (not recommended buying)

  • 15W led array from eBay: The leds are parallel connected and therefore some leds starts to get damaged and after some weeks, nothing is working anymore. DONT BUY THIS!
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