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[edit] Development

[edit] Current tasks

<tasks> [1] Decide on further development of the Tasks extension (conduct tests and gather information about needed functionality). (Software developers) </tasks>

[edit] Objectives

  • efficient flow of information
  • easy to use
  • flexible usage
  • flat structure development

[edit] General attributes of tasks

<graphviz> digraph task { size="12,12" node [shape=box]

task -> description -> comments task -> difficulty task -> "calendar" task -> "meta-data" task -> priority task -> severity task -> status task -> type

closed -> successful closed -> failure

difficulty -> easy difficulty -> average difficulty -> hard

history -> opened history -> modified history -> closed history -> assigns

"meta-data" -> id "meta-data" -> history "meta-data" -> "related-tasks" "meta-data" -> tags

opened -> who

priority -> high priority -> medium priority -> low

status -> assigned status -> researching status -> waiting

tags -> location tags -> contributors tags -> project tags -> field

type -> announcement type -> bug type -> "help-request" type -> idea } </graphviz>

[edit] Ideas

  • Add support for multiple tags. Tags can be equal to projects, people, milestones, etc. (Implemented)
  • ID for tasks to easily link them together - the index is a tricky part, but we just need to figure out how to make it working, somehow wiki needs to figure out if the specific task has been modified, or just moved to next line when page has been saved. Once we would have a way to automate tracking of the tasks, then we may ad ids, metadata, types, easy review of task history and so on.
  • Add support of time (can be also achieved through tags).
  • Implement sortable search results.
  • Add other statuses for tasks, like: researching, in progress, etc.
  • Add clickable widget to quickly change parameters of the task (description, status, assignments)
  • Notifications
  • Instead of priorities, add difficulty (easy, average, hard)
  • Add support for types of tasks, for example:
    • sticky announcement
    • calendar event
    • bug
  • Automated calendar functionality
  • Add destination anchors within pages to easily link to tasks
  • Statuses, like:
    • assigned
    • require help
  • Tag-clouds to display importance, complexity, number of tasks number of participants and so on
  • Full text search with wildcard characters and predefined filters at Special:Tasks page.

[edit] Bugs

(report bugs below)

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