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Tasks Extension allows users to create tasks on all wiki pages, set different priorities and assign tasks to a group of people, a project or to a specific person. A special page named Special:Tasks is provided for an overview of all tasks within the system. You may use <tasks> and </tasks> in multiple places on the same page if for example you need to attach detailed descriptions between sets of tasks.

[edit] Usage

<tasks> [ ] (Please add more information how to use this extension) (Wiki Project) </tasks>

[edit] Example

[ ] Regular task (User/Project)
[1] High priority task.
[2] Medium priority task.
[3] Low priority task (User/Project)
[!] Urgent task (must be completed immediately!!!) (User/Project)
[x] Closed task.

[edit] Result

(attached only preview)

Tasks Extension.png

[edit] See also

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