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Special pages are pages that are made by the software on demand. They are found in their own namespace Special: and are not editable directly as other pages. It is not possible to make a redirect to a special page, or to create normal pages beginning with the "Special:" prefix.

Special pages often take arguments. Sometimes these can be supplied after a slash (as in Special:Log/block); in other cases an index.php call is used, as in Also the content of some special pages depends on preferences that have been set by the user, e.g. classic or enhanced Recent Changes, the number of titles in Recent Changes and the watchlist, etc.

[edit] Available special pages

Clicking the link Special:Specialpages will take you to a list of all special pages (except the restricted ones) on our wiki. Such a link is found on the bottom panel.

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[edit] Redirecting special pages

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[edit] Page tools

  • Cite: generates bibliographic citations, in several formats, for citing a Wiki article as a reference.
  • Export pages: produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions. See Help:Export.
  • What links here: enables listing all pages linking to a given page (including transclusions and redirects). The target can be specified as a parameter, e.g. Special:WhatLinksHere/Mumble. See Help:What links here.

[edit] Other special pages

[edit] Other special pages 2

[edit] Restricted special pages

The following pages can be accessed only by users with certain privileges.

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