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The Flogsta Food allotment area

[This page is under construction. Expect no miracles]

This is the virtual home of Flogsta food - a non-profit organization working locally in Uppsala, Sweden to give people the opportunity to grow their own food and collaboratively develop an allotment space containing individual and shared growing areas. It is aproject that aims at being used as a model for how allotment organizations or smaller collective farming efforts can be run. Its main application area is urban agriculture. The long-term goal is to gather information to the point where the webpage can be used as a template for allotment farming. As such, getting involved just for the gathering of information to the wiki page can be just as important as helping out locally in maintaining the community garden.

[edit] The Allotments

Find out more about whats going on each individual allotment by navigating to their profile pages.

[edit] The Community Garden

Collaboratively cared for and shared by the entire FF community.

[edit] Get Involved

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