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This Supybot plugin will allow to display and regularly announce RSS feeds on a user-defined IRC channel.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, right now, you will need to have admin capabilities at rBOTse, to use this plugin to its fullest. Regular users won't be able to add feeds or announcements themselves, but need to first get approval from one of the admins.

[edit] Commands

Command Arguments Example Detailed help
  1. <url|feedname>
  2. [<number>]
,read http://pms.rbose.org/projects.atom Will output entries from the feed. If a number is given, only that amount of entries will be processed.
  1. <feedname>
  2. <url>
  3. [<template>]
,feeds add code/rbotse http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rbose/rbose/rBOTse/atom code Cache the feed from the given URL and store it under the given name. Not sure, what template does, but some possible templates are: default, code, pmsprojects
list - ,feeds list Will output a list of all known feeds and their name.
  1. <feedname>
,feeds info code/rbotse Will output additional info on this feed, i.e. its title, url, template, etc.
  1. <feedname>
,feeds remove code/rbotse Will drop the feed.
  1. [<channel>]
  2. <feedname>
  3. [<minutes>]
,announce add #developers code/rbotse 5 Add an announcement to the channel. If channel is not specified, it adds the feed announcement to current channel. Optionaly it takes number of minutes when the plugin should check for an update (default time customizable inside plugin's config). Btw, please add announcements in channel #test so, even if there would be an error, it would appear there, instead of #news and people would not be spammed. :X
  1. [<channel>]
,announce list #news Returns the list of feeds announced in <channel>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
tasks - ,announce tasks Will return a list of all defined feed-announcement tasks from all channels in the format "#CHANNEL-FEEDNAME"
  1. [<channel>]
  2. <feedname>
,announce remove #developers code/rbotse Will remove the announcement of the feed on that channel. If no channel is specified, will try to remove the announcement from the current channel.
  1. <feedname>
,announce rehash code/rbotse Unknown maintenance command. Can be used by owner only.
  1. <pluginname>
,reload Feeds Unknown maintenance command. Can be used by owner only.
  1. <pluginname>
,unload Feeds Unknown maintenance command. Can be used by owner only.
  1. <pluginname>
,disable Feeds Unknown maintenance command. Can be used by owner only.

[edit] Suggested workflow

  1. make sure you have the admin capability at rBOTse, because otherwise the commands may not work for you.
  2. read URL - First command to try, whether a specific feed can be read at all.
  3. add URL NAME - Cache that feed under a handy name.
  4. read NAME - Best to check, whether the add command worked.
  5. announce add CHANNEL NAME - Add the announcement of the feed to a specific channel

That's all, your feed will now be announced regularly on the selected channel.

[edit] FAQ

  • If I find two type of feeds, which one is better, rss or atom?
    • at0m i think
  • I get an error at some point, telling me to contact the bot's administrator?
  • rBOTse does the announces alright, but the announcements end abruptly with something like "(5 more messages)"
    • just type ,more to see the next messages.
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