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[edit] Lessons and Online Communities

  • Collaborative and free on-line site for learning esperanto.
  • Multimedia computer program for independent learning.
  • Free correspondence course via email.
  • Language Games Learn rudimentary, thematic vocabulary with these games!

[edit] Dictionaries and Grammatical Resources

  • Revo Extensive online dictionary with monolingual definitions
  • Sonja Elen Kisa's dictionary which features translations of rare or unusual terminology.
  • P.M.E.G Online version of the Plena Manlibro de Esperanta Gramatiko (PMEG)
  • Kukolo Search engine for identifying how Esperanto words are used in context.
  • Tradukilo Automatic machine translation English-Esperanto, Esperanto-English.

[edit] Online newspapers and gazzettes

  • Current events in the Esperanto movement
  • Articles translated from a variety of national newspapers covering contemporary international issues.
  • Le Monde diplomatique in Esperanto.
  • China Radio International online in Esperanto.
  • Download entirely or partially scanned versions of paper publications.

[edit] Podcasts

  • Polskieradio Daily broadcasts from Polskie Radio
  • Radioverda Humorous international news and human interest stories translated into Esperanto.
  • Parolumondo Podcast for beginning speakers conducted in simple Esperanto with frequent intervals for Esperanto music.

[edit] Other Media

  • Komiksoj Comics in Esperanto
  • Bit A sample collection of songs available for free download in MP3.
  • A website hosting a variety of Esperanto videos in a manner similar to Youtube.
  • An exceptional website which links to torrent files containing popular international films subtitled or dubbed into Esperanto.
  • Aggregates videos produced in Esperanto from Farbskatol', Youtube, etc...
  • Esperanto Muziko TV Another aggregator which showcases Esperanto music.
  • Bjialistoka Televido Public television produced in Esperanto from Białystok, Poland.

[edit] Books

  • Fajron A badly formatted but nevertheless complete online transcription of the young-adult novel Fajron sentas mi interne.
  • A small library with classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Le Petite Prince.
  • Elibroj A more extensive list which includes works by L.L. Zamenhof and translations of Shakespeare.
  • Origino Darwin's On the Origin of Species!
  • Arion's home Esperanto Links
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