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[edit] Inspiration

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Sir Ken Robinson

  • Schools kill creativity
  • Bring on the learning revolution

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[edit] What is Education?

  • Education: the gradual process of acquiring knowledge.

Today when you hear the word Education you directly think about mathematics, literature, physics and other factual areas where of which you can study. Education is a lot more than that though. You educate yourself each day, in all aspects of life. From waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth. You go to work and finish tasks that you haven't done before. So, the education we today receive dogmas and doctrines in highly specified fields of knowledge. Most common are the before mentioned Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and language/literature. Basically all other fields that should be within the realm of education are down sized or completely removed from conventional education institution due to lack of funds or interest.

[edit] The Idea is a resource for learning, collaboration, creativity, research, personal development and much much more. To be able to reach all the various goal each and everyone of us have with life we need a specific resource of assembling information of various fields, to maintain the resource and make sure that it is kept up to date with both new and old teaching.

[edit] Brief history of Education

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Stack of old books
Throughout history...

[edit] Related Links

[edit] Project Progress

<tasks> [1] Formulate the idea of the Education section of [1] Formulate the need for this section [2] Research different ways of learning [2] Research different ways of teaching </tasks>

[edit] ToDos

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[edit] Issues

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[edit] Features

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