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"We need to think in terms that we are there. And this as an element of success needs to be teached.'"

We've been told that there will be a crash, that many of us will find ourselves in very difficult living conditions, that it will be not easy. Still many of us ask what kind of plan we have for the the transition period. We already know that creating a such plan is a very difficult challenge.

By studying this subject, we may find out that something much more fundamental is missing: How do we plan to develop such a plan? And this, assuming that we want to work together, brings a second question, which needs to be answered first: How exactly will we want to work together?

[edit] How exactly we want to work together?

[edit] Conditioning

We live within a world of resources controlled by single individuals under cover of nations. Our human progress is restrain by patents and even exchange of ideas is blocked by copyrights. We humans created an environment where every single individual has a kind of criminal activity (even if it only means passing the street on red light, driving car just a bit above 50km/h or not paying for software).

In this world we are subjected to specific form of "education". Let's just imagine that someone would like to design a system of indoctrination. They could do something like this: take a child from parents in age of 5 or 6, for around 8h a day, from Monday to Friday, sometimes additionally on weekends, and subject it to education based almost exclusively on predefined knowledge - every answer would be presented before the question would be asked - and then award those kids, who answer accordingly to it, and punish the rest. This process would take averagely 17 years, and every kind of group cooperation on exams would be punished as well. Something may tell us that we recognize somehow this pattern in our lives... There are very serious social consequences of this "training".

When we add to this rest of competitive conditioning on the market, sport field and situations between nations, the result may not look as we would like to see it.

[edit] How we work together as a society today?

By answering to this question...

[edit] Then how we want to work together?

It's hard to work together, without sharing something, even if we simply share words. ...

[edit] How we want to share our resources?

To answer this this question, we have prepared a poll:

  1. Do you want to have a freedom to use our work, concepts and solutions? [Y/N]
  2. Do you want to have a freedom to learn about our work, concepts and solutions? [Y/N]
  3. Do you want to have a freedom to improve our work, concepts and solutions? [Y/N]
  4. Do you want to have a freedom to copy and share our work, concepts and solutions? [Y/N]

[edit] What about money?

We've asked a few people lately, who suggested that we need donations to buy land and stuff to start:

- "Let's assume you have an island. If we don't have here a problem with a mindset, how many people from your environment will you invite? How many of them have the necessary skills and understandings to not turn the opportunity into crisis?"

Nobody yet haven't answered this question.

[edit] Academy of Community Development

We have a great opportunity to build here our relationships within online environment. And online environment is scarcity free. Probably, if we fail to learn together in such virtual environment, abundant with free copies of almost every resource, then let's ask if we know about a single research, which lets us assume, that we would not fail in the physical world, much more restrained.

Why we are so sure that we need cash for our projects? Has anybody tried to build them without money? There is a lot of resources still completely free from monetary system. How wise we may use them?

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy

Let's make the first obvious step into transition: let's use education.

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