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[edit] Making meetings productive

This this text is intended to give ideas on "Efficient meeting management". Starting from top to bottom, the following topics will be covered:

  1. Pick template and state purpose.
  2. Call participants.
  3. Collaborate to fill the agenda.
  4. Set meeting time and tell participants.
  5. Have meeting.
  6. Save meeting protocol and recording.

Pick template and state purpose

  • Work out what kind of meeting you want to hold and choose a template accordingly. Fill in the purpose (on the template) to make contribution easier for those you cant get immidiate contact with.

Call participants


  • Mailinglist
  • (add tool)


  • Don't have to tell everyone individually about the meeting.
  • Interested participants can sign up for themselves.
  • Short term reminder can be sent out (by the meeting administrator).

Signing up:

A great tool to see participants and to set a meeting time is Doodle The benefit with using this tool is:

  • Its easy to find a date/time for the meeting that suits most people.
  • Its easy to know how many participants to expect to come to the meeting.
  • Its easy to see who of your friends did not sign up yet and should be reminded.

Collaborate to fill meeting agenda

  • Post your meeting protocol in a collaboration tool, for example etherpad (now defunct) or rbosepad (not existing yet) or any etherpad clone.
  • Tag your contribution with your name so that other participants can ask if something needs further explanation, e.g. "2.1.1. The Reprap project (benjamin)"
  • Establish how much time you are prepared to dedicate to the meeting.
    • Divide this time on the primary topics (1,2,3)
      • Divide this time on subtopics (2.1.1 etc..)
        • For topic 2.3: divide subtopic time on presentation of questions and responses. For example: 2.3.1. Q: bla bla? (20sec) A: blabla! (20sec/speaker)
  • Figure out ways to make the text you are contributing to the agenda fit the type of meeting your holding. Quality over quantity is a good motto. Given the time dedicated for my topic, how much do i have to share my information? Brainstorming should take place in other documents. Post just the result of it on the agenda.

Set meeting time and tell participants

  • When the person who called for the meeting has given time to respond, the meeting date/time should be set so that it suites most people. A reminder should then be sent out to all participants.

Have meeting

  • Needed coordinators:
    • Meeting coordinator
    • Recording coordinator
    • Writing coordinator

Save meeting protocol and recording

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